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We Empower People to Become More Proactive Citizens

Let's work together to achieve a brighter future.


About us



At Cross With Me, we are dedicated to the development and empowerment of the people of our communities to achieve the collective vision of a brighter future. There are 4 key areas that we focus on to help people attain spiritual, financial and mental growth:

Bible Lessons

Word of God

We empower people through the word of God to apply bible teachings in everyday life.


Financial Literacy

We provide the information, resources and tools to help people prosper financially in life.

Classmates in Library

Work Readiness

We help people develop the skills they need to be proactive and successful in the workplace.

Female Speaker


We train people to have the confidence to give bold, captivating and meaningful speeches and presentations.

Our Mission


  • To Advance education, faith, community development, human rights, and equality.

  • To Nurture young people through digital and experiential education around biblical references, work readiness, and financial literacy so that they learn the values of industry and citizenship.

  • To Empower the youth and adults to take control of their life and claim their rights, to end corruption and poverty, and build a better community.

Cross With Me, Inc. is a faith-based non-profit organization that is focused on empowering individuals to become more effective citizens. Citizens that will contribute effectively to the benefit of their countries, but more importantly to their families. We inspire people and give them access to knowledge and resources that will help them comprehend the principles and values of the Kingdom of GOD, understand their rights, become good communicators, prepare for work and become financially confident.

Cross With Me, Inc is organized exclusively as a charitable and educational organization within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, for the following purposes:


Your donation can
make a huge impact on someone's future.



Rose De Mars Mboulet

Founder | President

Hi, my name is Rose De Mars Mboulet, founder and 

president of Cross With Me, Inc. My goal is to empower citizens and communities to grow and thrive.


From an early age, my dream has been to one day see the citizens of my country effectively contribute to the improvement of their condition and the development of their communities. I strongly believe that the key is to invest in their education.

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